Youth families will be able to pay online via Vanco.
Please consider covering the small fee for each event to cover costs incurred for this convenience.
Please click on this button to go to the Church Planning Center website to register for upcoming events.


June 4 – Confirmation Sunday
June 11-13- Youth Summer Service Lock-In
July 9-14- Branson Trip
October 6-8- Joy Jr High Gathering at Camp Lutherhoma
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 Youth Sunday School & Confirmation Classes



For high school youth each Sunday

9:30-9:50- Breakfast and Fellowship Hall for Opening
9:50-10:30- Small Group Study in the Youth Room
Led by Timothy Michaels-Johnson

For junior high youth youth each Sunday

9:30-9:50- Breakfast and Fellowship Hall for Opening
9:50-10:30- Sunday School Class in the Junior High Youth Room
Led by DCE Suzanne Watt
Confirmation Classes 2022-2023

Students have TWO options for class times this year. Because of the exciting, active construction project at CTR we will be slightly creative with our course schedule this year.
Class options are:
Sunday School from 9:30-10:30 am for 6th grade – 8th grade
CTR-U on Wednesday nights at 5:30 PM

Students eligible for classes may attend one or both class time offerings because each class will be a different course each lasting differing lengths of time. Rather than a set confirmation class schedule each individual student and their family will be able to build their class time around their individual needs and time constraints. This means the length of time a student takes to complete all the requirements will vary for each and no longer be a set number of years as it was in the past.

Please contact DCE Suzanne and she will send you the appropriate books or make them available for you to pick up at CTR. 
Thank you for your support, and please keep your children and the ministry of Christ the Redeemer in your prayers.


9:30-10:30 AM in the Jr High Classroom.
Please bring your workbook, folder, and Faith Alive Bible.
Sunday Confirmation Schedule Spring 2023
January 8 Introduction to Martin Luther
January 15 Chapter 1: Why Study about Martin Luther
In class T/F on pg. 7
Before Class: Read pgs. 4-9  Q. 2-6 on pg. 8
January 22 Chapter 2: Luther’s Birth and Boyhood
Before Class: Read pgs. 10-13  Q. 3-6 on pgs. 12-13

January 29 Chapter 3: High School and College Days Before Class: Read pgs. 14-18  Q. 4 and 6 on pg. 18

February 5 Club 345/Jr High Winter Retreat at Camp Lutherhoma (No Class)

February 12 Chapter 4: Brother Martin, Augustinian Monk
In class T/F pg. 22
Before Class: Read pgs. 19-23  Q. 3-5 on pgs. 22-23
February 19 Chapter 5: Greetings to you, Holy Rome Before Class: Read pgs. 24-28  Q. 1-4 on pg. 27
February 26 Chapter 6: Gates of Paradise
Before Class: Read pgs. 29-33  Q. 2-5 on pgs. 32-33
March 5 Chapter 7: Indulgences for Sale
Before Class: Read pgs. 34-38  Q. 1,3, 4, 5 on pgs. 37-38
March 12 Spring Break: Special Class
March 19 Chapter 8: The Ninety-Five Theses
In class T/F pg. 42
Before Class: Read pgs. 39-43  Q. 2-5 on pgs. 42-43
March 26 Chapter 9: The Church Tries to Silence Luther

Before Class: Read pgs. 44-49  Q. 2-5 on pgs. 48-49

April 2 Chapter 10: Eck and Excommunication
In class T/F on pgs. 53-54
Before Class: Read pgs. 50-55  Q. 2-5 on pgs. 54-55
April 9 Easter (No Class)
April 16 Chapter 11: The Diet of Worms
Before Class: Read pgs. 56-60  Q. 1-6 on pgs. 59-60
April 23 Chapter 12: In Hiding at Wartburg
Before Class: Read pgs. 61-66  Q. 3 & 4 on pgs. 65-66
April 30 Chapter 13: Beginnings of the Lutheran Church

Before Class: Read pgs. 67-72  Q. 1-3, 5-6 on pgs. 70-72

May 7 Chapter 14: The Luther Home & Chapter 15: More Battles
In class T/F pg. 75
Before Class: Read pgs. 73-76 & 77-81  Q. 2-5 on pgs. 75-76
May 14 Chapter 16: The Augsburg Confession & Chapter 17: Luther, Servant to the End
Before Class: Read pgs. 84-89 & 90-96 Q. 3-4 on pgs. 88-89 & 2-5 on pg. 95
May 21 Final Project Due

May 28 Memorial Day: Special Class

June 4 Confirmation Sunday



5:30 PM in the Jr High Classroom.
Please bring your workbook, folder, Faith Alive Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism.

CTR-U Confirmation Schedule Spring 2023 Lesson
January 4 Means of Grace
January 11 Baptism
January 18 Baptism
January 25 Baptism

February 1 Confession and Absolution
February 8 Role of the Pastor
February 15 Confirmation Review
February 22 (Lent) Ash Wednesday

March 1 (Lent) Lent
March 8 (Lent) Lent
March 15 (Lent) NO CTR-U (Spring Break)
March 22 (Lent) Lent
March 29 (Lent) Lent

April 5 NO CTR-U (Holy Week)
April 12 Sacrament of the Altar- Communion
April 19 Sacrament of the Altar- Communion
April 26 Sacrament of the Altar- Communion

May 3 Final Review with Spring Confirmands


Summer Service Lock-In

In June 2022 our youth ministry had a Summer Service Lock-in event at CTR. We stayed overnight at the church for 2 nights and went out each of the 2 days to different service organizations in town. Each evening we had dinner together and enjoyed games and a devotion together. On our last day we put together the new air hockey and foosball tables for the youth room!

Night 1: Dinner, Bible Study and Games at CTR

Day One: Volunteering all day at the Catholic Charities Market & Warehouse

Night 2: Shopping for tomorrow’s project, Dinner, Bible Study and Games at CTR

Day Two: Volunteering at Coffee Bunker with Deb Drain in their Pantry and lunch together followed by projects at CTR

Nightly devotions

At Catholic Charities

Being trained in The Market @ Catholic Charities

Working in The Coffee Bunker Food Pantry

At The Coffee Bunker delivering donations

Working in The Coffee Bunker Pantry


The CTR Youth had a fun & service-filled week serving Hope on the Beach in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The youth participated in projects of outdoor service as well as to local non-profits.

Take a look at a few of our Events from The Last Few years

2019 Junior High Retreat

2019 Tulsa Area LCMS LaserQuest Lock-in

2019 Junior High Christmas party

2020 Youth Christmas Skating

2020 Junior High Retreat

2021 Journey in January

2021 Junior High Retreat

2021 Main Event

2022 Spring Confirmation

2022 Winter Retreat

2022 Junior High Christmas Party


2022 High School Christmas Lock-In


 National LCMS Youth Gathering

“In All Things” centered around Colossians 1:15-20. 

July 9-13, 2022 in Houston, TX

Awesome pic from 2019’s LCMS Youth Gathering.