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Is to lead people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. 
We are strengthening the saved and saving the lost.
Through God’s love working among us,…
we celebrate the word of the Lord with faith, worship, word & sacraments, fellowship and education. 
Our Hands-On-Service involves stewardship, using our time, talent & treasure
to welcome community involvement.
Through Outreach we practice hands-on Missions and evangelism. 
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January 12, 2021

Message to the Congregation

In light of the news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing infection rates in Tulsa County and statewide are increasing as well as the news that ICU capacity statewide is at or over capacity we want to make all members aware of the severity of the situation.

At its meeting last night the Board of Directors reviewed the facts regarding infection rates, full ICU’s and new case rates all of which are rising, significantly so. The Board considered going back to virtual only worship services for a period of time but after due consideration decided not to do so.

We have been able to safely meet for in person worship services for many months and have and will continue to enforce and encourage all the appropriate safety protocols to protect all in attendance.

We feel strongly that each family and individual can review the facts and their particular health situations and make the decision about what is best for they and/or their family regarding attendance  in person at CTR worship services. To close our in-person services would deny individuals and families the right to make that decision.

To emphasize again:

We strongly urge you to consider if in person worship is wise in your particular situation and decide accordingly.

CTR Board of Directors

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