Children’s Sunday School – Preschool-5th grade

For kids age pre3 through 5th grade.
Join us in the church Fellowship Hall starting at 9:30 AM.
Some of your favorite VBS Bible Buddies and music are BACK as part of the Simply Loved Sunday School series. Join us each Sunday for music, videos, skits, games, activities and more as we learn about the Old Testament and talk about Jesus! 
Each week will begin with music and an opening activity followed by a Bible story and craft or other group project. You will also see fun videos from each of our Bible buddies each Sunday!
This quarter we meet Radar, Ray and Rockette!

Unit 1: Israel’s Wandering and Wonderings

4/11 Lesson 1: God Send Manna & Quail from Heaven      

4/18 Lesson 2: God Gives the 10 Commandments                   

4/25 Lesson 3: God’s People Worship a Golden Calf

5/2 Lesson 4: God Tells His People How to Build a Tabernacle


Unit 2: The Promised Land

5/9 Lesson 5: Caleb Trusts God Will Help

5/16 Lesson 6: Rahab Helps the Israelite Spies

5/23 Lesson 7: The Israelites Cross the Jordan River

5/31 Lesson 8: Joshua Leads God’s People


Unit 3: Jesus Shows He’s God’s Promised Son

6/6 Lesson 9: John the Baptist Tells About Jesus

6/13 Lesson 10: Jesus is Baptized

6/20 Lesson 11: Men Bring Their Friend to Jesus for Healing

6/27 Lesson 12: Jesus Bring Lazarus Back to Life



Sunday School In Action
Our Junior High Confirmation class is meeting together in-person and on Zoom! On September 13 the students worked on a books of the Bible challenge to start off class. Could you put all the books of the Bible in order???
As we delve into the Old Testament students will learn more about the history of how the Bible came to be as well as the types of books that comprise the Bible.
On September 27 the students tried the books of the Bible challenge again and did really well! 
Our Jr High Sunday School Class is for youth in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Students meet in person in the Library from 9:30-10:30 AM. This class is going through the 30-Lesson Bible Overview from CPH as part of the Confirmation series. The teacher is DCE Suzanne Watt. The class is currently also meeting on Zoom on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM. For the Zoom meeting link, please contact DCE Suzanne.
Our High School Sunday School Class is for youth in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades. It is in the Office from 9:30-10:30 AM. 
What is Vantage?
A change in perspective changes everything. In the same way that a microscope reveals the tiniest moving parts and a mountain view makes skyscrapers fade, God’s grace transforms the way we see and understand our world
forever. Vantage is a yearlong curriculum (52 lessons) that shows how God’s grace changes the way that we see ourselves and our world. Students will examine the issues that confuse and divide our world by digging into what
God has already said through his Word. From his vantage point, they will see that God isn’t just here to tell us what we can or can’t do, he’s seeking to redeem the world.
Teachers are David Ross and Tim Kuehnert. 


1) Adult Class by Pastor Burmeister. Meets in the Sanctuary.
This class will be streamed via Facebook Live each week after the 8:15 AM service concludes.
These 2 classes are currently not meeting due to the social distancing restrictions:
2) The Wired Word led by a rotation of teachers. Meets in the Church Library. Each week a new topic is covered reflecting current news stories or trends. The topic and coordinating Scripture are presented in a discussion format.
3) Life By His Word led by Steve Short. Meets in Conference Room 1 in the church offices. This class goes through in depth study of one book of scripture at a time.