What is VBS?

Vacation Bible School is a ministry outreach our church provides each year during the summer to educate children about God. This year we leveled-up and stepped up our game as we learned of God!

Our arts and crafts volunteers. Some of which are past attendees.

Past attendee Genevieve helping a current student level-up their game in art!


One is never too young to learn about missions


Our DCE Suzanne Watt asking the big questions during VBS service, “How do you get to know God?”

A nice game of bible bingo


And of course there were a few activities that may have been a bit too messy for indoors.


Each day was focused on a different craft. We discovered quite a few talented artists in our groups!

Preschool/Pre K
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Kindergarten &
1st Grade
2020 TBA
2nd & 3rd Grade
2020 TBA
4th & 5th Grade
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