What’s in the CTR Library?

                VIDEO AND AUDIO DVD’S AT CTR, 2016                                                                                                  


FROM CREATION MINISTRIES  www.cmi.com                                                                                                                     

TITLE                                                                                      PRESENTER                                                         LENGTH                               

WHY IT MATTERS                                                             DR CARL WIELAND                                           50 MINUTES 

DYNAMIC LIFE CHANGES IN LIVING THINGS          DR CARL WIELAND                                           45 MINUTES  

BIBLICAL GEOLOGY                                                          DR. TAS WALKER                                              36

RAPID ROCKS                                                                     DR. TAS WALKER                                              45     

SIX DAYS REALLY                                                               DR JONATHAN SARFATI                               52  

GOD THE MASTER DESIGNER                                      DR JONATHAN SARFATI                                44  

EVOLUTION & THE HOLOCAUST                                 DR JONATHAN SARFATI                                39  


CHEMICALS TO LIVING CELLS                                       DR JONATHAN SARFATI                               57 

HUBBLE BUBBLE BIG BANG IN TROUBLE                 DR JONATHAN HARTNETT                          50    

STARLIGHT TIME &THE NEW PHYSICS                      DR JONATHAN HARTNETT                          41  

A BRIEF BUT TRUE HISTORY OF TIME                        DR MARK HARWOOD                                     61 

WHAT THE BIBLE & SCIENCE TEACH                          RICHARD FANGRAD                       

PART 1                                                                                                                                                           41                          

PART 2                                                                                                                                                          31   

DRAGONS OR DINOSOURS                                           WIELAND,SARFATI,BATTEN                                                                        

                                                                                                CATCHPOLE, CARTER

MITOCHONDRIAL EVE &THREE                                   DR ROB CARTER                                              37                          

                 DAUGHTERS OF NOAH                                                                                                 

CREATURES DO CHANGE BUT                                      DR DON BATTEN                                            48                          

               IT’S NOT EVOLUTION                                                                     

DINOSAURS                                                                       DR DON BATTEN                                              49       

ALIEN ABDUCTORS                                                         GARY BATES                                                      59  
MT.ST. HELENS                                                                STEVE AUSTIN                                                   58    


FROM KEN HAM, www.answersingenesis.org                                                                                                     

FOSSILS & THE FLOOD                                                    KEN HAM                                                            30    

HOW CAN WE RAISE GODLY CHILDREN                   KEN HAM                                                            30     

DINOSAURS IN THE BIBLE                                              KEN HAM                                                            30   

WHAT IS THE ONLY ANSWER TO RACISM               KEN HAM                                                            30                        

WHERE DID RACES COME FROM                                KEN HAM                                                            30

DO ANIMALS EVOLVE                                                     KEN HAM                                                            30  

IS THERE REALLY A GOD                                                KEN HAM                                                            30    

WHY IS THERE DEATH AND SUFFERING                  KEN HAM                                                            30                                        

DID GOD CREATE IN 6 LITERAL DAYS                        KEN HAM                                                            30  

IS GENESIS RELAVANT TODAY                                     KEN HAM                                                            30   


KIDS BIBLE                                                                           NIRV, INTERNATIONAL BIBLE SOCIETY

JOSEPH CARPENTER OF STEEL                                     LUTHERAN HOUR MINISTRIES                                                   


THE TEACHING COMPANY      WWW.TEACH12.COM                                                                         

VIDEO DVD’S                                                                                                     

TITLE                                                                                      PRESENTER                                                        DATE PRODUCED       

ADULT COURSES                                                                                                             

THE OLD TESTAMENT                                                     AMY JILL-LEVINE                                               2001

PART 1 & 2                                                                          VANDERBILT UNIV                                          

THE CATHEDRAL                                                               WM R. COOK                                                     2010

                                                                                                STATE UNIV OF N.Y.                                       

CHURCHILL                                                                         J. RUFUS FEARS                                                 2001

                                                                                                UNIV OKLAHOMA                                       

THE LOUVE MUSEUM MASTERPIECES                     RICHARD BRETTELL                                          2007

                                                                                                UNIV TEXAS, DALLAS               

INTRO GEOLOGY THE NATURE OF EARTH               JOHN J. RENTON                                               2006

                                                                                                WEST VIRGINIA UNIV.        

A HISTORY OF FREEDOM                                               J. RUFUS FEARS                                                 2001

PART 1,2,3.                                                                          UNIV OKLAHOMA                

BOOKS THAT HAVE MADE                                             J. RUFUS FEARS                 18 hours              2005

HISTORY, BOOKS THAT                                                   UNIV OKLAHOMA                                           

CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE                                                                                                                               


HIGH SCHOOL COURSES                                                                                               

HOW TO BECOME A                                                        TIM McGEE                                                         1997


BASIC MATH                                                                       MURRAY A SIEGEL                                           1997

PART 1,2,3                                                                           SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIV    

ALGEBRA I                                                                           JAMES H. SELLERS                                            2009

PART 1,2,3.                                                                          PENN STATE UNIV.       

CHEMISTRY 2ND EDITION                                             FRANK CARDULLA                                            2009

PART 1,2,3.                                                                          NILES NORTH HIGH SCHOOL                                       


MOVIES IN CTR LIBRARY                                                                               

TITLE                                                                      MAKER                                 LENGTH                                DATE

GOD IS NOT DEAD                                            PUREFLIX                             114 MIN                              2013

JOSEPH                                                                 TURNER PICTS.                  187 MIN                              1995

GOSPEL OF JOHN, PG-13                               VISUAL BIBLE                     129 MIN                              2000

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS                        PARAMONT                       231 MIN                              1956

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST                       20TH CENTURY                 126 MIN, RATED R            2004

ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING                        20TH CENTURY                 124 MIN  RATED PG        2006

THE NATIVITY STORY                                      ALLIANCE FILMS               101 MIN                 

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA                      DISNEY                                 149 MIN, PG                     

                PRINCE CASPIAN                                                                          

DAVID                                                                   THE BIBLE COLL.                182 MIN                              1947

ANN OF GREEN GABLES                                 SULLIVAN ENT                   232 MIN                              1996

ANN OF GREEN GABLES                                 SULLIVAN ENT                   185 MIN                              2001

ANN OF GREEN GALBES                                 SULLIVAN ENT                   195 MIN                              1995

ABRAHAM                                                          WARNER BROS                  187 MIN                             

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA                              20TH CENTURY                 113                                         2010

MOSES                                                                 WARNER BROS                  182 MIN                              1996

LUTHER                                                                METRO GOLDWIN           124 MIN                              2003

JEREMIAH                                                           AFFIRM FILMS                   95 MIN                                 2010

JACOB                                                                                                                   93 MIN                               1994

GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD                       METRO GOLDWIN           199 MIN                              1965


AUDIO CD’S                                                                       

HOLY BIBLE, OLD TESTAMENT NIV            HOZANNA                                           20 HOURS                           1996

HOLY BIBLE, ESV                                               BY MARQUIS LAUGHLIN                 20 HOURS                          

NEW TESTAMENT                                                                                                                           

SUNDAY                                                               ROB BELL, ZONDERVAN                 12 MINUTES            

TREES                                                                    ROB BELL, ZONDERVAN                 13 MINUTES